Applied art is a field that is built upon communication- conveying a message. Now the hows and whys of this is what makes up the life of the student. Apart from the technical knowledge and skill involved, this field requires intense passion and drive for your work. It requires the ability to visualise and continually develop your sense of design and overall observation. How effectively the student gets his/her point across is where the creativity comes in. This a field that cannot be undertaken without tenacity and love for what you do. The work you do is a reflection of who you are, your art, your skill and your message. And that, is where the institution steps in.

Just as a school provides a foundation for all the basic education a student needs, this institution lays the bedrock for an commercial art student. The Applied art course spans over four year with each year being a stepping stone for the student to further his relationship with his passion- his chosen field.

The First Year

The First year lays the foundation for the years to come. The student, eager and fresh is introduced to syllabus that is designed to test his/her existing skill level and enhance it. The first year focuses on taking the raw material and developing it further. It introduces the basic rules and principles which the student must master before he dreams of breaking them to make something unique and brilliant. This year also helps the student know the history of the field and its roots and is the first of the many gates he must explore to truly understand what it means, to be a commercial artist.

The Second Year:

The Second Year is also known as the University year. If the first year is about mastering the basics then the second year is about learning to apply them. At the end of the second year, the student has to appear for the University Board exams. These exams test your basic skills and how effectively you apply them to the various media to communicate your message. The student gets to refine his/her skills and also learns to conceptualise.

The Third Year:

The Third year is the pre-final year. This is the time to use whatever you have learnt in the past two years and create something. This is the year of experimenting, of breaking through and discovering what your strengths and weaknesses are. In this year the student gets to select a specific elective. There are five electives in applied art – Typography, Photography, Illustration, Computer Graphics and Exhibition Display. The student chooses whatever specialisation he feels would suit him and goes ahead. The electives are a source of joy for most students as this is usually something in which they can experiment to their hearts content. The Third year is a time when the training wheels have come off and the students feel the excitement of doing their own thing. Equipped with the guidance of the professors and their own thirst to do something more with what they love, this year often sees a burst of creativity and fresh ideas from students. The skill is now mastered; it is time to come up with ideas. Lots of them.

The Fourth Year:

The Fourth Year is the year of Culmination- a year to put all that you have learnt in last three years in to practice and creating your final portfolio for final exhibit and examination to come. By the time the students come into the fourth year, they would have developed their sense of identity, their unique style. After mastering the skill, the technical know-how and experimenting with it throughout the years, the final year applied art student is an individual with not only with a clear sense of who they are but also a fresh drive to prove themselves now that they have the ability to step into the field.

The final year is the epilogue to your story of your college life. It is the last year. The year of farewells and friendships that have withstood the ups- downs of four years, mentors and people who have helped mold you into who you are and stood by you through it all, your very own self confidence built painstakingly over the years and desire to succeed. This is the year of pushing yourself to the limit, putting your sweat and blood into creating something that will reflect your entire education and journey through the years and emerging a true artist- an Applied Artist.